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DR FIRAT CENGIZ, Senior lecturer in law 

Hello! welcome to my website

I research subjects in law & economics and governance in capitalist democracies with a special interest in citizen participation and equality. If you share my interests, I'd love to hear from you!

I am an interdisciplinary researcher using methods and models from law, economics and political science. I am currently based in Liverpool (UK) and previously worked and researched in Tilburg (Netherlands), Florence (Italy), Washington, D.C. (USA) and Norwich (UK). I have published in prestigious international interdisciplinary journals and advised public institutions, including the European Parliament. My four-year research project on citizen voice in competition policy (2015-2019) was funded by a prestigious EU Marie Curie grant. My research has been highlighted in international media platforms, including the Guardian (UK), Toronto Star (Canada) and Aftenposten (Norway).

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